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Los Angeles Biodiesel Community Conference a raging success!

A great big ‘thank you’ goes out to all who participated in last night’s event; this includes both the organizers for making this event happen and the attendees who committed themselves to positive change in the world. But let’s not stop with last night; let’s keep this biodiesel ball rolling! Commit to participating in upcoming biodiesel events in the Los Angeles community.

On August 19th there is the Biodiesel Working Group. This working group meets regularly in Los Angeles to promote biodiesel and move biodiesel forward on the following fronts: education, legislation, station development and fleet usage. Contact Crissi Avila @

On August 25th is 100-car Biodiesel Parade.

What is it?
A Bio Brigade featuring 100 biodiesel vehicles to kick-off the opening gala party for DO IT NOW: LIVE GREEN, a sustainable and experiential exhibition with Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art Design. The exhibition focuses on the home and features products made from renewable, recycled, and repurposed sources by individuals and companies who are creating designs with environmental integrity. The show represents the intersection between art and functionality and will provide a sensory exploration and practical demonstration of today’s sustainable designs that visitors can touch, feel and experience first hand as they tour the exhibit.

The Bio Brigade will depart from BioBling’s headquarters in Culver City. Head west on Culver Blvd., south on Lincoln to Otis.

Meet at BioBling at 3pm. Depart 3:30pm. Arrive at Otis at 4pm, where four cars, plus the LA Biodiesel Co-op trailer will be staged front and center.

Purpose: Press opportunity to promote a “100 cars for 100 stations” initiative as well as the Los Angeles Biodiesel Co-op

You must RSVP to attend!
Sign Up Online @
Contact Jon Luskin @ (310) 452-7731

Participating companies: Whole Foods, Ikea, Crate and Barrel, Arbor Sports, Living Green, Living Homes, Sonic Fabrics, Eco-LA, Levi’s, Zia, Patagonia, BioBling and Empire Solar to name a few. Accompanying the show will also be a conversation series featuring experts on the topics of zero waste, alternative fuel/transportation, green building and drought tolerant landscaping.


Policy Action Content Request
March 17, 2007, 10:28 pm
Filed under: Legislative Policy Action Center - CA, USA +

In this section, help us Create a LIST of Senate & State Assembly Members (congress ppl?) who are:

a) In Support,

b) On the Fence, or

c) Opposed to said legislation, along w/ contact details, links to their public sites.

Education Outreach – thriving evolution / role of Bio-diesel Coop in LA +
March 17, 2007, 10:27 pm
Filed under: Education Zone - BioDiesel Literacy

Please contribute content regarding Education Outreach – thriving evolution / role of Bio-diesel Coop in LA +

Sustainable Bio-Diesel Production Content request!
March 17, 2007, 10:26 pm
Filed under: Sustainable & Responsible BioDiesel Production

In this section, please contribute your ideas, proposals & resources on Sustainable Bio-Diesel Production and avoiding pitfalls – stock shortages (already looming), environmentally destructive mono-cropping (i.e. soybeans vs. rainforests) and competition with vital food sources)

Hello world!
March 15, 2007, 7:28 pm
Filed under: Introduction

Welcome to the BioDiesel Action Center!

This collaborative forum was inspired by the BioDiesel Round table March 13, 2007 was hosted by TreeMedia, moderated by Josh Tickel, and organized by Gabriel Avenna of Green Ambassadors).

To assure that BioDiesel is constructively and responsibly harnessed in promoting a sustainable world, content related to these 3 core topics (following Round table sessions) is hereby posted for public action, information and sharing:

1. Legislative action & policy makers

2. Sustainable production (growing & harvesting of stock) and

3. Education & Outreach

Your participation is the key to building a sustainable BioDiesel future.

Thank you!